Arguably the best game of the generation thus far dropped in March, and gamers everywhere are responding.

If you check the PlayStation Blog , you'll see the top PS4, PS3, and Vita sellers on the PlayStation Store for the month of March.

Despite launching late in the month, From Software's widely acclaimed Bloodborne is #1 on the PS4 list. It even beat out Battlefield: Hardline , which released a week earlier and had the benefit of an established IP. Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition , Helldivers , and Dragon Ball Xenoverse rounded out the top 5 for PS4, while the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection topped the PS3 chart, and Gravity Rush was tops for Vita.

It's kinda sad that a nearly three-year-old game is still atop the Vita list. That's just plain wrong but whatever. The Vita is toast, unfortunately. But hey, we love to see Bloodborne doing so well!

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