When a game is this pretty, Photo Mode becomes a far more attractive feature.

As announced over at the Euro PlayStation Blog , a new Photo Mode is now available for the controversial PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It's similar to the mode we got for the Last Of Us and Driveclub and it'll be included with an upcoming update. Here's a brief statement:

"Fans expressed an overwhelming desire to see and share the realism, beauty, and detail of our Neo-Victorian world. With Photo Mode, you'll be able to compose, capture, and share stunning images of your favorite moments, characters, and environments."

However, bear in mind that enabling Photo Mode will disable the Camera Bias option, which lets players choose over which shoulder the camera hovers. If you're willing to make the sacrifice, you can select from a variety of color grading options, including high-contrast, gritty, and black and white. You can even remove all characters from the scene if you want to focus exclusively on the atmosphere.

One thing to note is that this announcement isn't seen at the US PlayStation Blog, so we're not yet sure if Photo Mode will be available in this country.