Think you can handle Kratos in all his 8-bit ferocity?

It's the 10th anniversary for the esteemed God of War franchise and to celebrate, the bald, brutal hero is jumping into… Shovel Knight ?

Yep. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , you'll be able to face down Kratos in Shovel Knight when the game launches for PlayStation 4 on April 21. They say Kratos may be the "most ferocious opponent yet" for the Blue Borrower and that's no surprise. However, this new foe won't be easy to locate:

"He’s very tricky to find! Keep your eye out for secrets… and possibly even double secrets, to learn how to discover this battle. Once you figure it out, he’ll appear on the world map."

Some brief clips show how challenging Kratos will be, so you had best hone Shovel Knight 's skills before tracking down the original God of War. And the game in question is fantastic; having it in the PS4 library is a definite boon.

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7 years ago

People are supposed to be excited about this game or something aren't they?

7 years ago

well i thought the origonal look pritty awsome idk i this one atleast not yet

happy gaming