Here's a fun way to promote a video game: Plaster it all over a race car.

Texas plays host to the O'Reilly Auto Parts 300 NASCAR event and participating will be 18-year-old Erik Jones. One of Jones' sponsors is game retailer GameStop, and they're paying to put Mortal Kombat X on the No. 20 Toyota Camry. The event starts at 8:30 p.m. EDT; it'll air on FoxSports One and the radio but of course, you can't see that slick car on the radio.

There was a video highlighting the MKX-decorated vehicle but it has since been marked Private. Let's just hope Jones doesn't crash…the game in question has enough violence around it.

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7 years ago

The car looks freaking sweet and i cant wait for the game

7 years ago

well thats new i haven't heard that before but all good man whatever works for you

happy gaming