That wasn't close at all.

After Bloodborne became a much-beloved title, we had to ask: Is From Software's latest the best PlayStation 4 exclusive to date?

The majority of our readers said it definitely is and the overwhelming majority said it's at least "close." The game has its share of minor problems in our eyes (we just can't ignore the often poor camera and slight control issues) but it remains an invigorating, ultimately special experience that should at least be attempted. Even if it's beyond you, or even if it's not your cup of tea, you have to admit that From Software did a great job.

This week, do you think The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will live up to our lofty expectations? Everyone is saying this game could redefine role-playing games and reset the bar for a new generation . But is that asking too much? And is it possible that we'll actually end up disappointed…?

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7 years ago

Glad to see the love for Bloodborne.

As for the Witcher I don't think it is going to live up to hype it has had far too much put on to it by Skyrim and open world RPG fans who are not familiar with the series.

The Witcher has always been niche much in the same way you could say Dark Souls has been Niche.

The Witcher Games are a dark more realistic take on classic fantasy and I am not sure how the mainstream is going to handle this dark realistic-ness.

Witcher 2 escaped Fox News and other outlets ripping it apart for its HBO level sex scenes because it was not a mainstream targeted game. Meanwhile Mass Effect and Dragon Age get ripped apart for their PG-13 level scenes because they are a touch more casual and more widely known.

I just think there is going to be a lot of attention on it for things us gamers likely won't enjoy seeing.

Many people just seem to think The Witcher 3 is going to be the next Skyrim when it is not going to be.

So yeah people thinking it will be the next Skyrim + The Witcher's dark and mature nature will likely be a shock for some people.

I think reviewers are going to praise it and I am guessing low to mid 90's on meta similar to Bloodborne.

For gamers I am guessing Mid 80's to lower 90's.

That is also without any major technical hiccups CD Projekt RED are phenomenal developers but this is easily their biggest task ever and on two separate consoles as well as PC. We all have to remember they are a VERY small developer on the same scale as Techland.

Maybe I am being too pessimistic, I don't know maybe. But I am just a bit worried. Either way I know I will love the game and others who have enjoyed the previous entries will likely love the game. I am just fearing the huge mainstream audience this entry is grabbing who have had no experience with the series.

Then for PS4 users there is the issue with save transfer. On PC users have been able to carry over their decisions since the very first game. I also don't pay that much attention to the Xbox side of things but I am going to assume there will be some form of transfer from the 360 Witcher 2 to the X1 Witcher 3.
While Sony users will be jumping into a story with 80-100+ hours of content left out.

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7 years ago

You made a lot of strong points Shauneepeak, I hope you're wrong and that the delay suffered will have been used to fix these issues, but we'll see.
My biggest concern is that I haven't played Witcher 1 & 2 since they weren't on PS3, which means starting a game that has a foundation in gameplay and story built from the first two.
I ran into this issue with Mass Effect 2, PC gamers and Xbox gamers played the series how it was meant to be played 1, 2, 3, However PS3 gamers didn't get Mass Effect 1 until after Mass Effect 3. Now I understand that Microsoft had the rights for 1, but here is the problem.
When I started Mass Effect 2 I had all these characters that I should've built relationships with in the first game that I didn't know, plus a story that I had no clue what was going on in. All of this made it extremely difficult for me to get into the game, thus I've started the game probably 10 or more times but never finished it.
Anyways I hope this isn't the case with Witcher 3, for my sake I'd like to see it stand well on it's own.

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7 years ago

Thanks for your take on The Witcher 3. Interestingly, I am one of those people who have not played the first two, and am fully expecting W3 to be a mix of Skyrim and Dragon Age.
My friend, who has played the previous 2 warned me that it's different, but couldn't elaborate on HOW it was different.
He also said that the fighting in the Witcher series is difficult and may turn off players.

Is that a correct explanation of the Witcher series?

And if it's different from Skyrim, can you explain HOW it's different?

Thanks in advance!

7 years ago

Fighting is definitely different Witcher 1 was essentially one of those Iphone sword swiping games except done with the mouse and key board. It was very basic with preset moves. Witcher 2 was a slight improvement but I guess could be called "clunky" if you look at it as an action RPG. Though combat is being completely overhauled and seems as if it WILL be more inline with a true action RPG. Biggest tip is you have two swords use them the Silver sword is Specifically for beasts and then you will have a normal sword for humanoids steel is better used against tough armour.

Also unless playing on easy expect VERY difficult combat as in Dark Souls level in some situations.
Also plan out your skill tree very carefully.

As for the biggest difference sure you had choices in Skyrim and other games but you can make decisions in the Witcher that will easily make you debate deleting your save file because you screwed things up so badly. Never just choose a decision without out thinking REALLY dig into what is going on in the area and what you are actually being asked to decide. Talk to children, the local drunk, the whore in the alley really figure out every nook and cranny and any potential repercussions of what you are about to do. Also just because something seems good or evil and even if everyone thing else points to them being so REALLY pay attention to outliers and anything that might say otherwise.

The Witcher is a true hardcore classic RPG. You will really want to dig into the lore and learn the lay of the land.

LOOT EVERYTHING, gather materials, ALWAYS be prepared.

Biggest fault with The Witcher series has been the very clunky combat and hopefully that will be fixed now so just be prepared for a very serious and VERY deep experience.

Easiest way to explain I guess is prepare for Game of Thrones level political and world complication.

Also remember who you are you ARE The Witcher. You are essentially a mercenary for higher with no real set in stone political allegiance. Don't feel bad stealing or taking advantage of people.
Pretty much roll it inFamous style choose which you want to be though with this game you can be more in the middle. PS. there is a lot of prejudice against Witchers.

But again choices will matter more in this game than likely any other game you have played so really think carefully. Something you do at the 5hr mark might not show its results until the 40hr mark.

7 years ago

Oh just thought of a GREAT example of how to picture a Witcher.
Think Strider from Lord of the Rings AKA Aragorn before he gives into his fate and destiny.
So pretty much a badass who doesn't listen to anyone and follows their own moral code with all the skills a ranger would have and far, far more.

So um sort of like the Ranger from Shadow of Mordor I guess but even more badass? Didn't play the game so can only comment from videos I have seen.

Oh plus throw in going through such rigorous training as a child you don't really understand the concept of emotions and a large portion of society views you as a mutant freak of nature.

Late edit: Also to throw in to the explanation of the game, while open world and with huge freedom of choice do not expect a world where you can get lost for 200hrs doing random crap. There will be a lot of side missions but the story does have very strong progression and it is a heavily story focused game set in an open world.
So again sort of think inFamous, yeah you can screw around for hours but you are losing out by not progressing the story. While in games like Skyrim it is very easy to create your own story and get lost for an insane amount of hours.
Outside of story progressions most of your time will likely be spent training, gathering, or hunting.

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7 years ago

Hey thanks for the long explanation. That really helps with my decision to buy the game.
I think I'm in, if the combat is fixed!

7 years ago

It looked A LOT more fluid. There is a 1hr dev playthrough of a section where Geralt takes down a nature spirit in a swamp community that shows and explains a lot about the combat and the new mechanics.

7 years ago

Don't get me wrong Bloodborne is a great game, that I haven't seen the likes of since Zelda Ocarina of Time. The world design, challenge, sense of wonder, adventure, and discovery are exactly what games have been missing. That said, had Bloodborne not released when it did, specifically right after the Order 1886 critical fiasco I don't believe it would've faired as well as it did, sales wise or review wise.
In terms of critical response, Bloodborne was pretty much everything reviews complained that the Order was not, thus knowing that they would been eating their own words if they didn't respond overwhelmingly positive to Bloodborne, critics did just that.
Gamers on the other hand were in a different boat, after a long draught of quality games, many gamers, myself included purchased the game because it had peaked out interest yes, but more so because nothing else was out. To be honest had Witcher 3 and Bloodborne released in the same month I probably wouldn't have even considered Bloodborne.
Granted Bloodborne is more than likely the better game. I don't regret my purchase at all and continue to punish myself with it daily.

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7 years ago

yeah bloodbourne has been good for the ps4

and the witcher will be great i have not doubt

happy gaming