Your next console is going to be a lot more like a PC now. So what is the point of having a console?

There is no doubt about it, Sony has thrown in its lot with PC architecture for the next generation. There are some staunch loyalists who are very much against this move, but the overwhelming reception has been positive. The whole point is to make a console that is developer-friendly, and developers have been friendly in their reception of the changeover.

Never mind whether or not you think this was the right decision, I think everyone has already spoken their piece on that. What I'm interested in is, in this new world where consoles have crossed the line into simplified PCs, why do you plan to continue to do your gaming on a console?

It may cost a bit to build a gaming rig but then you've got yourself a PC that will run all the great third party games and many Microsoft games with the highest graphical fidelity and frame rates. Your hard drive is going to fill up much more slowly, the games themselves are significantly cheaper, and you often have access to mods. So what is it about the console experience that makes you stick with it? If you use both, what keeps the console in your life?

Is it brand loyalty? Playstation has treated me pretty well since I made the transition back in the 32-bit days. Is it the online service? What I pay for PSPlus is ridiculously low for all the games that I have access to throughout the year. Is the console of your choice where your friends are? Most of my friends have grown out of gaming so I can't help you there. Are you unable to live without certain exclusives? No more Uncharted sure would hurt. Do you just love having it as part of a big, mean entertainment center? One of the draws of PC gaming is the high-res monitors, not big TVs.

For me it's a lot of those things and more, but console gaming has always felt more like a full entertainment experience. PC gaming somehow feels like there's something between me and my games and I don't like that. What are your reasons?