A sequel should be bigger and better in every conceivable way, right?

Looks like we'll get exactly that when Just Cause 3 drops later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Developer Avalanche Studios seeks to improve this over-the-top open-world experience by enhancing the AI and generating random events.

In a recent PC Gamer interview with game director Roland Lesterlin (as cited by Worlds Factory ), the AI is a key part of the team's focus:

"If you took an armoured, missilelaunching chopper into a base and spammed it with missiles without taking damage, it would take away the joy. So our AI guys have been working hard to balance that by introducing things like anti-air guns and heavy enemies. If you get into some tough military vehicle, we’ll send in RPG troops to counteract it. That way you constantly have to shift your priorities and tactics. This makes attacking bases more fun. Maybe you’ll wingsuit into a base and use your guns, then grapple up to an enemy helicopter and suddenly you’re in an air battle. The more varied the game is, the more fun it is."

As for the random events on the fictional island of Medici, they're supposed to "give you a sense of the conflict going on," so you'll come across rebels fighting each other. How you get involved is up to you, of course.

Lesterlin also mentioned that we'll be using jets to travel as well, which should lead to some zany mid-air hi-jinks. This franchise has always been about the crazy stunts and chances are, Avalanche will continue to push the envelope in Just Cause 3 . For more, check out our recent preview .

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7 years ago

Can't wait I just really hope there is a better jumping and climbing system. Only thing I couldn't stand about 2 was even if you were at a stomach high wall you couldn't climb over it.

7 years ago

i'm still really keen for this game and glad to hear any new details that come about

happy gaming