Music is essential for creating a compelling, effective atmosphere.

That's why the great soundtrack in Bloodborne plays such a huge role in the experience. And if you didn't pick up the Collector's Edition (which came with the full soundtrack), you'll still be able to grab it later this month.

Sony has announced that the gorgeous music in From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive will be released digitally and on CD on April 21. You'll be able to find it at for the reasonable price of $10. Bear in mind that even those with the Collector's Edition got the digital version of the soundtrack, so hardcore fans might want that CD.

There are 21 tracks included and you get about 70 minutes of orchestral goodness. Composers include Yuka Kitamura, Tsukasa Saitoh, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki, along with guest composers Ryon Amon ("Elysium") and Michael Wandmacher ("Twisted Metal"). Performed by a 65-piece orchestra and a 32-piece choir, this is pretty impressive stuff; check out a behind-the-scenes recording of one of the songs, "Cleric Beast," below.

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7 years ago

well thats nice for anyone who wants it can't say that i do just right now maybe later but not atm

happy gaming