HA. Cheater just got punked.

Well, taking advantage of an exploit isn't exactly the same as cheating and it can be entertaining.

For instance, Grand Theft Auto V players recently figured out an exploit that lets them bring some of the single-player-only cars into the online multiplayer mode. But developer Rockstar has put an end to that. As originally discovered by a Reddit user , a new patch makes the Duke O'Death vehicle explode the instant you get into it, if you've brought it online.

If you don't know, the Duke O'Death is a heavily armored muscle car and should only be available in the story mode. The video below shows how Rockstar deals with those who bypass the rules…BOOM!

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7 years ago

a cheat effectively thats blows up in ur face its not a good idea to try it out to fid out if it does i'd just take their word for it and not go their

happy gaming