Bloodborne has received quite the outpouring of acclaim, and that should result in decent sales.

Or perhaps even great sales. We don't have any estimates from other regions just yet, but it seems From Software's new PlayStation 4 exclusive is selling quite well in Japan.

According to Gearnuke , Famitsu claims Bloodborne has sold over 150,000 units since debuting last week. That's far better than Demon's Souls (a PS3 exclusive), which only managed to move 36,000 copies. Both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II outperformed the new IP, but it's important to remember that the PS3's userbase was a lot higher then the PS4's current userbase when those games launched.

It's a very good sign and we're hoping Bloodborne sells well in the US, too. The review scores shouldn't be the only high numbers this title enjoys.

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