I'm not as dialed in to the From Software culture so this isn't a statement; it's a legitimate question:

Based on some of the rumblings I've heard, it seems like Bloodborne has won over a lot of gamers who weren't fans of the Demon's Souls and Dark Souls titles. While on the flip side, hardcore followers of the aforementioned games aren't quite as pleased. In fact, some are just downright annoyed.

Is this an accurate assessment of the culture? And if so, why has this happened? My guess is that Bloodborne certainly seems faster and more geared toward action; perhaps the core Dark Souls fans could say it's less of an RPG. I admit, I think it takes more dexterity and reflexes to deal with Bloodborne , while From Software's previous games perhaps required more strategy and planning.

But that's only speaking from a novice perspective. I have friends who swear this is the case, but others who loved Dark Souls and are definitely loving Bloodborne . What camp are you in?

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