Mortal Kombat X will launch on April 14 but if you can't get enough sneak peeks, check this out.

A veritable treasure trove of new gameplay has surfaced and we've pasted in some below. We've selected our favorites:

Here's Ermac's uncensored Fatablity and Brutality, both of which are completely nutso. If you remember, Ermac is one of the returning MK characters and while he's mostly defensive-oriented, he can still pack a wallop.

This one focuses on newcomer Erron Black, the dangerous gunslinger with a serious amount of capability and range. He should be a lot of fun to use, and very different from some of the other fighters.

Lastly, we give you some gameplay of franchise mainstay Liu Kang. He's arguably the original MK master and to see him in all his deadly next-gen glory is pretty special.

For more, check out our preview .

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Solid Fantasy
Solid Fantasy
7 years ago

Over the top or not those fatalities are down right creative.