If you're in the mood for a racing game but you're not sure about spending $60, here's a great option.

Ubisoft has announced that a free trial will be available today, March 25, for those who want to test out the online racer on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

The press release said nothing about the Xbox 360 version, so assume this trial is only available on PS4 and Xbox One (the game wasn't released for PS3). The trial in question provides players with the full version of the game, but you only get to try it out for two hours. The good news is that any progress you make during those two hours will carry over if you opt to purchase the game.

If you've already got The Crew , you should check out the Vintage Car Pack and Vintage Live Update. This expansion offers new cars and a brand new PvP mode; the latter pack is free for all but you need the Season Pass for the Vintage Car Pack (or pay for it separately).

Not a bad choice while we wait for games like Project CARS and Gran Turismo 7 .

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7 years ago

well its either that or wait for Project CARS and Gran Turismo 7 i think i will wait but i will probably get this game(the crew) at some stage anyway co my friends have it and have been play it that would be nice

happy gaming