If you live in the UK and you missed out on one or both of the games in question, this deal is for you.

It seems UK retailer GAME will receive a special Double Pack next week (via VideoGamer ).

As you can see, this bundle features two of Ubisoft's biggest blockbusters last year: Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed Unity . The price is £42.99 and £34.99 on PC, and it'll be exclusive to GAME when it releases on March 24. That's a pretty decent discount, and it's all the more appealing because we're looking at two great games. Unity has improved significantly since launching (and remains a super fun experience, in my estimation), and Watch Dogs had a lot of good ideas.

Not sure yet if we'll see this bundle in the US.

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5 years ago

Haven't played Watch Dogs yet, but it seems like a good time to pick it up for cheap.

I got AC Unity for 30 on Amazon, and I have to say, after all the patches I can agree it's a great experience, and I have no regrets with my purchase. My only gripe would be the stability of the co-op, but everything else works the way it should 99% of the time.

5 years ago

suppose if you don't have either this is a good deal then you should take it up if you want both for a rather nice discount

happy gaming