They went to a lot of effort to promote this particular multiplayer mode.

The least you can do is check out the live-action trailer.

Heists are a big part of the multiplayer experience in the newly released Battlefield: Hardline and to celebrate the game's release, EA has released a new live-action vid that's just loaded with action and craziness. It's reminiscent of "Heat" only about eight hundred times more ridiculous, which fits…this is a video game, after all.

I'll let you know what I think of the Heists – and the rest of the game – soon. In the meantime, are you tempted to pick up the latest Battlefield ? And what do you think of this trailer?

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5 years ago

I kinda can't wait until Battlefield is no longer A Thing.

5 years ago

i just want battlefield to go back to what it was when it was awsome which is kind like the mostly BF3 but the good stuff in BF4(like getting the kill when you do more than like 75% damage rather than getting a 99 kill assists which were a pain) with battlefront 3 coming up and then hopefully a good battlefield game in BF5, but ain't getting this one

happy gaming