Dear techies and computer graphics fiends, your water may have just gotten better.

SIGGRAPH is an international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques held in Anaheim, California. In July this year the conference will permit computer graphics and simulation professionals Miles Macklin and Matthias Müller to present their paper entitled Position Based Fluids , according to Macklin's blog. The paper explains the techniques used to overcome a particular difficulty with overuse of processing power when creating realistic, complex water effects.

From their abstract:

"In fluid simulation, enforcing incompressibility is crucial for realism; it is also computationally expensive. Recent work has improved efficiency, but still requires time-steps that are impractical for real-time applications. In this work we present an iterative density solver integrated into the Position Based Dynamics framework (PBD)."

Make sense to you? Yeah me either, but I know we have some programmers here at PSXE that might have a clue and could be interested in the full paper here. Thankfully for the rest of us, Macklin has provided two visual aids so you can judge for yourselves.