It's the most in-depth look yet at Sony's new Dual Shock 4 controller, which will debut with their upcoming new console.

Sony has released a video today that outlines the new features found in the gamepad that was officially unveiled in February. It's a must-see.

Sony product planner Toshimasa Aoki first explains that the company spoke with their first-party development teams, and asked what the designers wanted to see in the Dual Shock 4. This falls right in line with how they approached the PS4 itself; i.e., going to game makers and getting feedback. Then Sony senior vice president of product development Scott Rohde added:

"Everything's been tuned. The feel of the analog sticks, the sensitivity of both different types of triggers. And in addition to that, there have been all these features added to it, without compromising the basic feel of the DualShock."

The new controller really is quite nifty. The lightbar, used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, can track the position of multiple people in the room. This lets the PS4 detect who's who for when you're playing cooperatively. Then there's the touchpad, which supports multi-touch and it should be "very comfortable" for players. Check it out: