Developer From Software's goal sounds admirable: Forget trying to earn an audience; just make a great game that's fun.

Evidently, that was their mindset heading into the creation of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne .

The game's European producer, Jun Yoshino, answered a few questions concerning the anticipated title over at the Euro PlayStation Blog , and he says the team doesn't make anything for the sake of gaining fans. Rather:

"I think what Miyazaki-san and From Software do, they basically just make a game that they think is fun, and I mean that in a good way. They are not dictated by the market and still deliver really high quality games – I am really glad that they kind of proven to everybody that these types of games could be successful as well," the producer continues."

Yoshino also spoke a bit about the game's structure and mechanics, saying Bloodborne is "like a hybrid of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls ." Players will still have a central refuge of sorts but once you wander outside, you can basically go wherever you like. But die-hard fans of the games in question shouldn't get too comfortable; there's more emphasis on offense in the new adventure. For instance, Yoshino said shields "might be crap" and the game revolves around attacking, not defending. He added:

"I think some of the more experienced players will figure out straight away that the gun is like a weapon you can parry with. The fire of the gun is like a parry."

Bloodborne is due out on March 24.

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