Spec Ops: The Line had great story potential but it was bogged down by mediocre mechanics.

However, we like to be positive and focus on that potential. And although developer Yager's next game won't be a shooter, we're definitely interested in the new project. Managing director Timo Ullmann told Edge that it's time for his team to try "something different." And we agree.

"After five years of working on Spec Ops, maybe it's time to do something different so you don’t get trapped in that box where we're just making military shooters. We still have to be commercial–we learned that the hard way–but by being independent we can live creatively and never be labelled or framed as being about a certain thing."

As evidence of consumers responding well to new ideas, Ullmann cited the successful Dishonored and Dragon's Dogma . Plus, he said that given the upcoming new platforms, now's the time to introduce a new franchise. He added that "people are longing for something new" and that suits Yager just fine. For now, we'll assume their new project is coming to next-gen systems, as Yager recently licensed the Unreal Engine 4. At the time, it was assumed they'd deliver another Spec Ops .

But they're not, and we're intrigued by what they might tackle.