Hope your hard drive isn't too full.

If you're one of many lying in wait for the Grand Theft Auto V update that delivers online heists this week, just make sure you can actually fit said update.

According to one source , the update clocks in at 4.8GB on Xbox One, and it probably won't be too much different on PlayStation 4. Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed the size of the patch, but Twitter user S7_V7X3 got a prompt to download the update early for some reason. Don't forget that tomorrow's update delivers new PvP modes, daily objectives, free-roam activities, etc.

Furthermore, Xbox Achievements posted up 9 new Achievements that come with the Heists update. Again, Sony fans can probably expect the same list in Trophy form. The update in question will be ready to go in less than 24 hours.

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7 years ago

thats quite a big update hope its worth it, i mean it should be but you never know

happy gaming