Choosing a name for a video game is tougher than you might think.

For instance, while Life is Strange seems like a pretty nifty title, developer Dontnod Entertainment didn't arrive at it easily.

During a PAX East panel (as summarized at GameSpot ), the French studio said the project was originally codenamed "What If," and they actually considered making it the final official title. But the 2013 romantic movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, also called "What If," posed a problem.

This resulted in the team considering over 100 names for the game in question. For instance, did you know it could've been called "Chrysalis?" In regards to the game itself, Dontnod praised publisher Square Enix because they didn't want to "change anything" about the game. Other publishers wanted "more action sequences," for example. Previously, the developers thanked Square Enix for not balking at the idea of a female protagonist.

Life is Strange spans five episodes on consoles and PC and the first episode just released this week. Check it out if it sounds intriguing.

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5 years ago

oh yeah that was quite a unique game sorta reminded me of beyond2souls which really isn't my sorta game

happy gaming