It's like The Sims , only in a much more appealing setting.

Publisher Kalypso has announced that Tropico 5 will launch for PlayStation 4 on April 28. It boasts 1080p and 30 frames per second and also supports Remote Play between PS4 and Vita.

If you weren't already aware, this will be the first franchise entry released on a PlayStation console. It's already available on PC and Xbox 360 and there are plans to bring it to Xbox One, but it's nice to finally see this sunny city-building sim on a Sony platform. To celebrate the confirmation of the date, Kalypso has also released a new PS4 gameplay trailer, which you can check out right here.

Oh, and don't forget about a Limited Edition version that will boast "The Big Cheese" DLC and the "Bayo Del Olfato" Sandbox map.

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5 years ago

looks a bit like anno crossed with sim city for the ps4 which is quite and intereging idea to nibble on

happy gaming