Time to add five more games to the growing list of PlayStation Now titles.

Sony has announced the following additions, so pay attention if you missed out on any of these in the previous generation:

There's inFamous 2 (one of the funnest games out there, in our opinion), R-Type Dimensions , Alone in the Dark: Inferno , Operation Flashpoint: Red River , and Twisted Metal . The latter game is the 2012 effort that went over well with critics and long-time fans alike, but didn't quite sell enough. You can read our review if you like, and don't forget to check out our review of inFamous 2 .

If you want to see the fully updated list of PS Now titles, check here . Remember, $20 per month gets you unlimited access to all these titles; if you want to go for three months, it'll only be $15/month. For now, the service is only available on PlayStation 4, but Sony intends to make it available on multiple devices in the near future.