Yeah, we know. This product can be a little confusing.

Zombie Army Trilogy is essentially a Sniper Elite spin-off, so the gameplay is pretty similar even if the settings are not.

As for exactly what's in the upcoming package, check out the newly released trailer. It'll explain the available campaigns and modes you can enjoy, and it highlights a few of the enemies and types of explosives. You should also note the improved graphics, which is always a good thing. Also, if you're wondering, that X-Ray Kill Cam will indeed be in full effect; it's a staple of the Sniper Elite series so you can't very well get rid of it, right?

If you want to throw down with hordes of nasty zombies, get ready: Zombie Army Trilogy hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 6.

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5 years ago

well thats not far off and its on ps4(the graphics) so that would be cool to get i think i mean three games thats really good value for money in my mind

happy gaming

5 years ago

O boy. The whole zombie thing is getting, for me, boring. I do love the few I have played as they are not cerebral and just shoot and survive.

I exclude The Last of Us as it is not a zombie game. BUT it does lend to that genre as a survival games go. I could play that game just because they give you the option to play stealthy and not guns blazing. Mind you, it does force you to do conserve.

Just saying.

How about a nice Leviathan game or something.

Keep playing!