These developers really do have a fantastic artistic style.

Contrast developer Compulsion has officially unveiled their new game: It's called We Happy Few and you can catch the debut teaser trailer below.

Although details are currently scarce (they didn't confirm platforms or an estimated release date), we do know something about the story: It follows a "plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial." Well, that sounds awfully upbeat, doesn't it? The setting is a "drug-fueled, retrofuturistic" city in an alternate-reality 1960s England.

The idea is to blend in with the city's inhabitants; if they discover that you're not following their "not-so-normal rules," there's going to be trouble. It sounds really unique and quite promising.

If you missed Contrast , one of PS4's launch titles, you should definitely check it out. Read our review if you want to learn more.