Obviously, Battlefield: Hardline will center on the multiplayer action.

But it also has a single-player campaign and Visceral Games creative director Ian Milham addressed that solo quest and other relevant topics on Twitter (as summarized at GameSpot ).

Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

— There are ten episodes in the Hardline single-player campaign; some episodes will be less than an hour, while some will be a little over an hour. More chapters may arrive via DLC.

— Weapons unlocked in single-player don't carry over to multiplayer, but some other "stuff" will.

— The decisions you make in the campaign won't be specifically moral.

— You play as one character in the campaign, but you will get to see both sides of the conflict.

— Don't expect many QTEs.

— …inspirations include the works of film director Michael Mann, including Heat and Miami Vice.

— The story itself is linear, but gameplay is more sandbox-style.

As for the latter, that's a given. The Order: 1886 has already proven that if you create a purely linear adventure with no opportunity to explore and no multiplayer, the community wants to lynch the developers.

At any rate, Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled to release on March 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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5 years ago

Meh, the beta for this game was terrible in my opinion. I felt like I jumped into a time machine and was back in the PC cafe's playing a dated version of counter strike except it wasn't as good. Definitely a step backwards from BF4. Visceral should stick to making third person adventures. More Dead Space please…

5 years ago

I doubt we can see new dead space anytime soon…

5 years ago

thats all well and good but i don't care won't be getting the game anytime soon if ever

but the game from the beta footage i saw looked kinda average anyway so i wasn't thinking of bothering with this game

happy gaming

Last edited by Rachet_JC_FTW on 2/28/2015 2:00:16 AM