If you're not ready to put Lords of the Fallen away, here's some good news.

Developer CI Games has announced that the Ancient Labyrinth expansion, originally scheduled for January, will arrive on March 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

This new expansion brings fans a brand new storyline in a fresh setting, and players will get to test their skills against new foes. They'll also find new weapons and armor, which is always good. They say this extra content adds another 2.5 hours of gameplay, which means we're looking at a significant piece of DLC. We're not sure of the price for Ancient Labyrinth just yet but it certainly sounds worthwhile.

If you missed it last year, Lords of the Fallen was flawed, but still a mostly entertaining and rewarding adventure.

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6 years ago

looks interesting and would be more so if i actually had the game

happy gaming

6 years ago

Anyone here have this game?? Is it worth getting?? And what other games can you compare the gameplay mechanics too??