There's no turning back now.

No more delays, no more betas; Battlefield: Hardline has officially gone gold, as announced on the game's Twitter page .

Hardline recently completed its second test phase, during which time over 7 million people sampled the open beta. The developers got a ton of feedback (which is always good) and this time, we're hoping we get a solid, reliable Battlefield launch…we all remember the fiasco that was BF4, yes? The latest franchise effort was originally intended to launch last fall but it was delayed shortly after the first beta test.

Gotta get these huge AAA games right, you know? And if you're going to continue to challenge Call of Duty for the first-person shooter crown, you had better step up. Last year's Advanced Warfare was pretty darn good.

Battlefield: Hardline will be ready to go on March 17.

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6 years ago

i still think that this game will be average but who knows how everyone is going react to this game as it stands today being "done" a done deal with all the DLC that will come along at some point

happy gaming

6 years ago

The beta was bad. A big step backwards from BF4. Worse graphics and controls. BF4 did have a terrible launch but at least they fixed it. The game is great now.

Visceral should just make another Dead Space.