Well, duh.

It's no surprise to learn that most gamers thought The Order: 1886 would score better than it has.

In our most recent poll, we asked our community to predict the average review scores for the new PlayStation 4 exclusive. The majority guessed somewhere in the 8 range, while most others figured on a lot of 7s. In truth, unfortunately, the game currently holds an average Metascore of only 65, and it hasn't fared well at many of the major outlets. Whether or not we at PSXE agree with those negative assessments remains to be seen…review coming very soon.

This week, we stay with the most controversial game of 2015 thus far. The question now is: Do you think critics handled this game badly? Do you see too much subjectivity, too much bias, etc.? Or, do you think most of them are spot on? We're going to assume that you've played at least part of The Order before voting. 😉

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