Looks like we're getting closer to an announcement.

Developer Harmonix appears to be working on a new Rock Band entry for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to a recent Bloomberg report .

It seems a source "familiar with Harmonix's plans" is at the core of this tidbit, but we have no official details at this time. However, it wouldn't be too surprising to hear about the project; the designers have been teasing the return of the once-blockbuster franchise for some time. And last month, they sent out a fan survey , asking gamers what they'd like to see in a new Rock Band entry.

So, what do you think? You on board? I just couldn't get past those silly plastic instruments, sorry.

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7 years ago

well for all you rock band fans out there i have to admit i might think about it just a bit but this could be great news

happy gaming

7 years ago

I was fine with the plastic instruments; as a music fan that lacked musical ability, it allowed me to jump in right away and pretend. I enjoyed the RB games, and if there was a criticism that I would convey it's that they never took advantage of the next level of fantasy: LET PLAYERS SCAN THEIR FACE INTO THE GAME AND BE ONE OF THE ON-SCREEN CHARACTERS (sorry for the yelling, I have always thought that idea was an easy layup that was missed for these games)! Granted, the PS3 & PS2 cameras had their limitations, and the RB characters were cartoon caracatures (I wouldn't have minded the game interpreting my face scan into something, although with the PS4 you could probably handle proper face scans as in the NBA 2K games), but there were several games from at least the PS3 generation that allowed for that very feature (off the top of my head, I remember Fight Night did). It would have added another element to the fantasy, especially if you set up bands with some of the guest celebrity characters these games had from time to time (imagine seeing "you" up on stage alongside Slash or Cobain, etc.).

I think the switch to real guitars was another step in the right direction, but you have to leave in the accessibility of toy instruments for the non-musical players as well. RB3 got that part right in my mind.

Finally, if they are going to continue with special versions of the game, i.e., as they did with The Beatles and Green Day (and Guitar Hero did with Aerosmith and Metallica), they maybe need to pick bands that have visuals that better suit the game, at least if they continue to struggle to bring in top-flight legacy names like Led Zeppelin (I believe they tried over and over with them) or The Stones (not sure if they were approached). Imagine if they did a KISS or Iron Maiden RB game? You have to believe Gene would be down, and IM have gone down the video game route before with the PC game Ed Hunter. I know they probably tried to go more current with Green Day after The Beatles, but that GD game seemed to fall flat sales-wise very quickly, as popular as they have been in the last 20+ years. It's a little hard to pick a more current band that appeals to a broad enough audience, as the industry doesn't tend to build up bands as well as they used to. Do you pick a Nickelback, which certainly has its fanbase but at the same time is polarizing to people that have grown tired of them, or an up-and-comer like Imagine Dragons, who could easily be here today and gone tomorrow, or do you fall back on a Bon Jovi, who seems to still hold some stock as a recognized name even amongst the young generation today?

Regardless, I look forward to the next iteration!