With the exception of a few months during the holiday season last year (when Xbox One dropped in price), PlayStation 4 has sold better so far this generation.

And one report says that trend will continue.

According to GamesIndustry.biz citing a Strategy Analytics report, Sony will be the "unquestioned leader" over the first five years of the current era in gaming.

The firm's Connected Home Devices Report says PS4 "is on path to reproduce the success of the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii." By 2019, they predict Sony will enjoy a worldwide installed userbase of 80 million, which would give them a 40 percent lead over the 57 million Xbox Ones that will be in homes by that time. Furthermore, they note the PS4's first-year sales of 18.5 million mean the system is much closer to the uber-dominant PS2 (20.1 million) as opposed to the PS3, which had a rough start (10.5 million).

As for Xbox One, the 12.4 million sold in the first year outstrips Xbox 360's 10.4 million, but the machine faced similar challenges to PS3. The Wii U's low 5.9 million first-year number is disappointing, but the console has been "staging a modest comeback" thanks to first-party software. Said Strategy Analytics senior analyst Eric Smith:

"Despite reports to the contrary, the game console market is not dead. Core gamers have moved faster to this current generation than in any previous generation. The main difference in this generation is that casual gamers who bought a Wii are remaining largely on the side lines as free-to-play casual games and midcore games on tablets and smartphones have captured this segment of consumers."

Yeah, well, we all knew that, didn't we?