All this blather over frames per second. It's kinda tiring.

And besides, just because a game runs at 30 fps today doesn't mean it's automatically inferior. Take Ready at Dawn's PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886 , for instance.

Studio CTO Andrea Pessino tells DualShockers why the game performs so well at the lower FPS rate: First up, the game is fully stable, with no dips under the 30 FPS mark, and the designers implemented "post-processing filters aimed to make it feel even more fluid, like temporal anti-aliasing."

Furthermore, the game's rendering frame rate and simulation frame rate are the same, and there are "zero frames of latency between the player’s input and the action on the screen." There are ways to make a game perform excceedingly well, regardless of frames per second, which is not the be-all, end-all of gameplay stats. This is the kind of information I actually find quite interesting because it means the gameplay isn't dictated by one number.

Gameplay has never been dictated by just one number, in point of fact.

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