Of course, we always choose to believe the developer as opposed to rumors from random anonymous gamers.

But this sort of evidence could spell more trouble for Ready at Dawn and the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886 .

There was a rumor floating around for a while, saying the game was only about 3-5 hours long. This prompted plenty of backlash, as you can well imagine, and Ready at Dawn has already said it wasn't true. But YouTube PlayMeThrough just uploaded a complete playthrough of the title in question and unfortunately, it clocks in at 5 hours, including cut-scenes (which are supposed to be unskippable).

Now, perhaps the player is going faster than most and maybe he's missing a lot of extra stuff. We don't really know just yet. But it's not good news for most consumers, who may find it difficult to shell out $60 for a 5-hour game, especially with so many massive adventures available for the same price.

And we just learned another gamer has apparently gotten the Platinum Trophy in The Order: 1886 in only 10 hours, 38 minutes .