These days, virtual girls with unrealistic proportions are frowned upon, and the developer can expect some tough questions from the press.

With women everywhere claiming offense and those saying "it's just eye candy" branded as sexist pigs, it's difficult to produce games like Dead or Alive without getting a significant amount of flak. Well, Team Ninja Creative Director Tom Lee has just one thing to say:

Too bad. The bouncy DoA girls are here to stay.

In a recent GameZone interview , Lee addressed the situation:

"I tell ya, this is a question that pops up a lot, and I've personally answered it in many different ways. This is our position, it's not like we're ignorant and we don't know what's going on. We're very conscious with what happened, and the Gamergate issues of last year, and objectification of women in entertainment, misogyny, all of it, we're very aware."

Lee adds that the characters in DoA aren't meant to be realistic in the first place; it's all about fantasy, from the jiggling chests to the ridiculous moves they pull off:

"However, when you look at a game like DOA, from the minute you turn on the game, it's in a very other-world, fantasy type of environment. I don't think it takes much to figure out that this has very little to do with a real world. Our women, our males, our environments, are not relatable to real people. So in that sense, in our theme of fantasy, we feel like we have absolutely every right to show off beautiful characters and how we see fit."

Lastly, Lee made it plain that none of the women are being abused or "treated unfairly" in the DoA games; everyone's on an even keel (they're all getting the crap kicked out of them) and he reminded everyone that in fact, the women are just as powerful as the men.

What do you say to all this?