Everyone can use a break from all those AAA big-budget games.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , Minutes is an "abstract action game with retro DNA, a pure arcade heart, a super-clean visual style and music to get you in the zone."

Red Phantom Games Founder/Director Richard Ogden developed a "minimalist game" that he says is all about "gameplay purity." So no cut-scenes, no car crashes, no huge firefights; just "move, collect, avoid, gauge risk v. reward, think and react." Levels are one minute each (there are 60 of them, though) and the idea is to hit your score targets and other goals. To get a better idea of the mechanics, click the link above and check out the gameplay video below.

Here's a brief explanation of the game's setting and style:

"The game begins with energy shapes that are straight lines. But these are soon joined by Pulsers, Beams and Spinners. These provide for an infinite range of patterns and configurations that encourage the player to adapt and react. As the game matures for the player it becomes more familiar and shifts from a twitch-based, reactive experience to a more puzzling and strategic one. Each level of the main game mode remains the same every time so they can be learned, figured out, and beaten. However, as an alternative, the Daily Challenge mode allows you to try a completely new, randomly generated level every day."

Minutes supports Cross Buy for PlayStation 4 and Vita so give it a whirl.

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6 years ago

looks like a pritty alright game to me would proabably be good for the vita i think

happy gaming