Ready for more zombie hunting?

As revealed at the Euro PlayStation Blog , Rebellion's Zombie Army Trilogy is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 6 (we assume the date is similar or the same for North America, as there's no news of this on the US PlayStation Blog).

The game will release both in digital and physical formats, so you can take your pick. Featuring a compilation of the Sniper Elite games, these productions will boast graphical improvements thanks to an upgraded Asura engine. The package will also feature five missions never before seen by franchise fans, along with a new Horde Mode and four new playable characters.

Basically, these adventures use the same engine and gameplay from Sniper Elite V2 and yes, we get the super-gory X-Ray Kill Cam. Zombies go splat.

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5 years ago

yeah if it was gunna get this which i might consider then it would be the physical copy

happy gaming