Smaller downloadable games can be great but they're often short.

Well, it'd be a mistake to think Jonathan Blow's new project, The Witness , is only a few hours in length.

According to his Twitter page , Blow finished a speed run of the game in just over 6 hours, 20 minutes. Of course, as a speed run, that's not an accurate representation of the game's length; Blow said it comes in at about "10x as big as Braid ." The latter could probably be finished in a few hours, provided you knew exactly what you were doing.

Thus far, there are 677 puzzles done for the game, which is pretty damn impressive. Bet they'll be extremely well-designed, too. The Witness is scheduled to launch for PC and PlayStation 4 and even though it remains a work in progress, we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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7 years ago

I read about this franchise for the first time late last week. For those that did not know, Jonathan Blow spent all the money he earned from Braid on this new project. Talk about doing what you love, huh? I give him kudos for that. Hopefully it turns out well for him


7 years ago

thats alot of puzzles and a good amount of time but cudos to jono for making a good game alteast it looks reasonable keep it up

happy gaming