Surprise, surprise: Grand Theft Auto V is a massive seller.

According to publisher Take-Two Interactive, the critically acclaimed and widely beloved game has now shipped over 45 million copies worldwide to date. This includes 10 million on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and don't forget that the PC version isn't yet available.

The number came courtesy of the company's latest earnings report for the quarter ending December 31. Another well-performing game was NBA 2K15 , which shipped 5.5 million units, and the classic Civilization franchise has now hit 29 million units shipped. Borderlands has reached 23 million and will only continue to grow.

As for overall numbers, the company enjoyed a revenue and profit increase year-over-year: Revenue jumped to $954 million, well up from the $767.7 million posted last year. Net income rose slightly to $211.6 million, up from $210.7 million from the previous year. Net revenue from digital products jumped 64 percent as well (up to $217.2 million), thanks in large part to the GTA, Borderlands and Civ games, and NBA 2K15 .

That's nice and all but when can we expect the next Red Dead ?

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