The Battlefield: Hardline beta will begin on February 3 across all platforms, and here are a few important details.

Thanks to a new FAQ published at the game's official site , we find several points of interest:

For instance, your progression in the beta will not carry over to the full game. That's disappointing but at least they confirmed there'd be no level cap, so you can advance to your heart's content when testing out the game. Experiencing the game's "full progression system" will definitely show you what this shooter's all about.

After a delay that saw the title pushed out of the 2014 holiday season, Battlefield: Hardline is now expected to launch on March 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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7 years ago

Awesome.. I hope the newly rebuilt Hardline will deliver on the fun!

I didn't have too much issue with the original Hardline, but it definitely wasn't $60 game material. =/

7 years ago

well thats good for the people who played the beta but is that unfair for the others maybe but then its a bit of a bummer for the people who did play so i guess you have to did it that way

happy gaming