The special 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 is exceedingly rare.

But this is the rarest of the rare.

It's being sold by Sony though Yahoo! Auctions in Japan, and all proceeds will go to Save the Children Japan. Sony will match the amount raised by the auction, too, as Kotaku reports. But I know what you're thinking: What's so special about this particular 20th Anniversary machine?

Well, you can see it right here in the picture. Sony made 12,300 of these, to commemorate the original PlayStation's Japanese launch of 12/3, 1994 and this here is the very first unit the company produced. Yep, system number one is right here and bidding has already exceeded $12,000. The auction closes on Sunday but don't get too antsy; Sony has already said they won't ship overseas.

That's okay, though. If the very first PlayStation console was available for sale in Japan, it should only be available for Japanese gamers. It's only fair.

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5 years ago

At least the money will go towards a good cause.

5 years ago

man that sold for alot but the money is going to run a good cause so thats cool

happy gaming