Leave it up to Volition and Saints Row to come up with something like this.

Today, the developer released a hilarious launch trailer for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected , both of which are scheduled to launch next week on Tuesday, January 20.

The trailer is like an infomercial and it's well worth seeing. The narrator asks: "Has this ever happened to you? You get sucked into Hell to marry Satan's daughter? Then you need Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!" If you want to expand on the Saints Row IV experience or you've never played the game, these releases are just for you. Be prepared for zany hi-jinks that are sort of exclusive to Saints Row

Gat out of Hell is an expansion and Re-Elected is an updated version of SRIV that launched back in 2013.

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7 years ago

well its funny i guess but i don't really care but its a good commercial i guess have fun with that

happy gaming