Guess we shouldn't be surprised.

The best-selling video games of 2014 have been released and once again, a Call of Duty installment sits in the #1 spot.

Overall annual game sales hit $13.1 billion, slightly up (1 percent) from 2013's sum of $12.94 billion. As for the games that followed Advanced Warfare on the top-seller list:

The fact that two CoD entries (2013's made the top 10 as well) are on the list tells us one thing: Gamers are still obsessed with the series. The good news is that Advanced Warfare really did represent a positive step forward for the series. But really, maybe we should try to be a little more diverse in future.

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7 years ago

Shameful list.

7 years ago

that doesn't surpirse me in the slightest cos that the mainstream gaming for you but to me and most of the peps around here what say like world that that list is shame ful but it is a main stream list as it is the usual suspects ever other year that wouldn't be my list

happy gaming

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