There are lots of hugely promising games on tap for 2015.

However, which one do you expect has the capacity to really surprise you, either in a good way or a bad way?

I think for many, it's going to end up being The Order: 1886 . Those who are giving it flak don't seem to fully comprehend the scope of that game, and I have a feeling many naysayers are going to end up eating their hats over that one. Thing is, if you really dive into the nuts and bolts of what Ready at Dawn is trying to do, it goes well beyond the standard third-person shooter. To think it'll be nothing more than a generic action game is insulting to the designers, that's for sure.

But if that's not the game that you think will surprise you, which is it? I'd like to say I'll hold out hope for Final Fantasy XV , but the only way that title surprises me is if it actually turns out to be a good RPG. And as it doesn't seem to be a role-playing game in the first place, I doubt it'll happen. But you never know…