Seems like it's difficult to release a new piece of downloadable content without a corresponding patch.

Players have been reporting various issues surrounding the Crota's End expansion for Destiny , and developer Bungie has revealed plans to deal with the problems.

The upcoming patch should get rid of the "knee glitch," which lets players take out Raid boss Crota by yanking a teammate's LAN cable at a certain point during the final confrontation. Furthermore, the fix will tweak treasure chest contents and add fresh requirements for the bridge encounter. This patch will be ready to go on January 13 so you don't have too long to wait.

Have you managed to take down Crota's End yet? Or have you moved beyond Destiny and are now playing something else?

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5 years ago

My team just tried the Vault of Glass raid last week.
It was a 5-person team and we went at it for 4 hours without success.
I find it extremely hard to believe 2 people were able to complete it! =O

5 years ago

i heard that that bug was quite anoiying and people were really excited for that to be had

happy gaming