If you've been playing Assassin's Creed Unity , you've probably been waiting for the Dead Kings DLC.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the expansion will arrive on January 13, and they've released a new cinematic trailer for it.

This is billed as a "fully-fledged" single-player campaign, which also features new activities and side missions. We'll also find new murder mysteries, enigmas, and co-op missions, so this should be well worth the download time. As for the story:

"After the events of Assassin's Creed Unity, Arno leaves Paris for Saint Denis, a mysterious city that holds the crypts of deceased French kings. Sent on a mission to the extensive underground of the Basilica, Arno will face a faction of new foes, the Raiders, populating its catacombs. Equipped with a lantern and a new powerful weapon, the Guillotine gun, Arno will have to navigate the dangerous passageways to uncover the darkest secrets of the city."

The Dead Kings expansion was going to be premium DLC; part of the Season Pass. But after the issues the game faced after launch, Ubisoft revealed that the add-on would be free for all. And that's good, because you need it to fully flesh out Arno, and I wouldn't have appreciated paying for that.

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7 years ago

Thought this was a stupid app game thing you needed to activate the DLC? Whatever. I'll play through it.

Cause I enjoy testing my patience.

7 years ago

Although I'm certain there won't be enough skill points associated with this DLC, I'm playing it. I had no problem with this game, except for the things that Ben pointed out already.