It's perfectly all right to cheat…especially in GTA.

If you like to fiddle around with cheats in Grand Theft Auto V , you'll be happy to know that three more cell phone cheats have been found.

As listed at GTA5Cheats , you can now enable Drunk Mode or Fast Run, or change the weather. Weather options include sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snow. These should work just fine if you've got either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version, and they'll probably work with the upcoming PC version as well. Don't forget about all the other cell phone cheats, too!

The updated GTAV just won the Best Re-Release category in our newly posted Game of the Year Awards 2014 , and it's a well-earned honor.

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5 years ago

well this might not be of any use for me but a friend of mine has GTA so i'll see he might like them

happy gaming