Our obsession with celebrities is beyond sick and twisted. The paprazzi thrives on it, too.

But in the world of video games, even all this can be harmless fun. Check out the new downloadable title from Pringo Dingo Games, as revealed over at the PlayStation Blog .

It's called Paparazzi and it's s two-player local multiplayer game where one person is the celebrity and the other is the enemy, the paparazzi. They're calling it a "frantic game of cat-and-mouse with a humorous twist," and it looks to be fast-paced and quite entertaining. The paparazzi attempts to take as many photos of the celebrity as possible, while the celebrity fights to retain some sense of dignity.

It'll be available via the PSN on the PlayStation 4 in February 2015, and it'll only cost you $4.99. Worth trying!