Time to celebrate the Christmas holiday in Grand Theft Auto Online !

As announced at Rockstar's website , the online portion of the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto V is getting a "Festive Surprise" update.

This includes snowball fights, Christmas sweaters, cookie-face masks, and some less cheery items, such as the Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines. A rare weather system is moving through Los Santos, too, and this will deposit snow, which can then result in snowball fights! Rockstar warns that "those icy little suckers can pack a wallop," so you might actually have to watch your health. Death by snowball…? There are also four new vehicles, and even Christmas Day Gifts (check 'em out on December 25)!

For the full rundown, click through the link above. All games should be Christmasy during the coming week! Yeah, even GTA.

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7 years ago

oh snow ball fights fun times right amoung other things looks for you whoever has GTA

happy gaming