If you've encountered some irritating glitches and bugs in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , have no fear.

Developer Sledgehammer Games is on it. They're going to release the biggest update to date for the freshly released FPS, and it'll feature weapon balancing, bug fixes, and the removal of various annoying exploits.

As detailed at the team's website , this update is pretty dang hefty. The laundry list of patch notes is impressive; it shows that Sledgehammer continues to work hard to make Advanced Warfare an increasingly rewarding experience.

"This week we're rolling out our biggest title update yet with a ton of exciting enhancements for Advanced Warfare coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, with similar changes coming to the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 soon.

We've included weapon balancing tweaks, fixes and improvements for emblems, improvements within the Player Lobby (including a new way to view your Armory), map exploit fixes, spawn improvements, connectivity optimizations, improvements to our anti-cheat measures, and even more."

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was a great return to form for the ailing franchise. Here's hoping the new generation sparks a fresh onslaught of top-notch CoD experiences!

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6 years ago

I hope there's a Dragon Age Inquisition patch coming. I'm running into bugs all the time. Two of which I had to restart the game and one of which has me locked out of completing a quest. I've also got to watch my character forget to do a transition animation and statically floated across the ground for a bit.

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