Okay, so the game doesn't have a traditional campaign mode.

However, the more we learn about the Evacuation Mode in Evolve , the more we realize that it could satisfy those who have always preferred solo experiences.

As explained over at the game's website , Evacuation pits a group of heroes against one massive monster. Now, you can play this by yourself even though it supports up to five players. Furthermore, the progression of the mode boasts several campaign-like features, and actions made in one round can have an impact on future rounds. For instance:

"…one example, the Dam is saved and the Hunters win for that day. As a result, the workers are able to power up Perimeter Fences, which cut neighboring maps into half sized portions, creating an interesting advantage for the Hunters."

Evolve was supposed to be available for the 2014 holiday season but it got delayed. It's now scheduled to drop on February 20, 2015.

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5 years ago

Intreating i wasnt interested at all at first since its a online only team shooter but now this is on my wait and see list.

5 years ago

awsome co-op mode i like the sounds of that already

happy gaming